“The Lord announced the word, and great was the company of those who proclaimed it..”

Psalms 68:11


  • By carefully selecting preaching programmes in order to reach unbelievers, disciple believers and draw backsliders back to Christ.
  • By meeting the needs of the whole person through carefully designed, relevant programming.
  • By appointing those staff called to this Radio Ministry.
  • GNCR to produce and source Radio programmes detailed and geared to fulfill our purpose to broadcast the saving and transforming Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all who can access the airwaves.
  • By preaching, teaching, educating, encouraging and engaging the Community by sourcing relevant programmes, training & educating staff, engaging with the Listeners Committee, Outside Broadcasting, Family fun day and participating in moral issues.

Mission Statement

To source and produce relevant and carefully designed programmes and music aimed at meeting the needs of the whole person through teaching, preaching, educating and engaging the communities via the airwaves.